You might not be aware of this but we are born with a certain level of awareness. Our senses make us aware of how things sound, taste, feel, look, and smell. Then we develop other levels of awareness, like our awareness of time and space. We also become aware of our emotions and our thoughts and behaviors, as well as how we impact those around us. Some people choose to dig deeper into their self-awareness to truly understand why they make the choices they make and why they believe what they believe and feel what they feel. Some people choose to better understand their level of social-awareness with the goal of being more informed and more actively involved in their relationships and society as a whole. And, the truth is that some people choose to not develop or grow when it comes to self- and social-awareness. Well, since awareness is having knowledge or perception and being concerned and well informed about a particular situation or fact, we think it’s worthy of having an entire month dedicated to it. Surely, we can all agree that a lack of awareness doesn’t help us thrive individually or collectively. In fact, a lack of awareness is typically at the root of everything we don’t like to see or hear about in our culture. Awareness leads to compassion, empathy, understanding, kindness, gratitude, peace, joy, equity, and inclusion. Let’s all become more aware. Being aware matters.

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