We live in a dynamic world. Especially today. Things are moving faster than ever. Exposure to anything and everything is either in the palm of our hand or right in front of us. Not only can it get overwhelming, but it can also create such a noise and a blur that connecting to any of it seems impossible. In fact, sometimes it just feels like ants on page and nothing really jumps out. But, when we stop for a moment and pull back just one layer of noise, we begin to see how important each and every event or experience really is. We can see ourselves in the middle of the chaos and ask ourselves so many of those “self” questions, like “Who am I?” or “What is my role in all of this?” And, we can see other people and begin to consider who they are and wonder about their experiences. Better yet, we can even start to see that other people are looking at us and asking the same questions. And, next thing we realize is that we are constantly being informed and that we are an equal part of this dynamic and ever-changing environment. This is called being “Aware,” and we think it is so important that it deserves an entire month of our attention. It’s going to be a very “human” month, filled with deeper understanding of ourselves and the world around us. It’s going to be awesome. Being aware matters.

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