When asked the question, “What do you care about?” our initial response might focus on the nouns in our life. I care about friends, family, or my pets. I care about my phone, video games, or digital devices. I care about art, sports, or music. Or, I care about my grades or my job. We love this, but thought we would offer a different perspective. What if you answered the same question focused on the verbs in your life? Now what do you care about? Maybe you care about listening and being kind. Maybe you care about learning and understanding. How about loving and forgiving; helping and volunteering; or dreaming and working hard? There is something about focusing on the verbs in our life that we find intriguing, especially when it comes to the idea of caring. Because it is challenging to describe the idea of caring without using the word itself; however, there is no question we can identify caring when we see it. And when we say “it,” we mean the actions someone takes that illustrate they care about something. So let’s be intentional about our actions this month in a very caring way. We all have a natural and enormous capacity to care. And when we care about the things that matter most to us and to the world, we thrive in a purposeful and gentle world. Let’s make that a reality. Being caring matters.

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