Life can be both beautiful and messy. We have all felt and witnessed it before. In these moments we feel our heart, and collective hearts, sing or break. And, we believe that compassion is one of the greatest answers for all of it. Compassion evokes many images, thoughts, and emotions. Other words might pop into our minds, like empathy, sympathy, support, and care. While all of these have a link to compassion, this month, we want to take a deeper dive. We believe that compassion is not pity. Pity often looks down on someone, while compassion can empower. Compassion isn’t sympathy or helping someone at the expense of your own health; it’s being able to try to understand someone’s experience without making their problems your own. Sometimes, just being there to say, “I’m here with you during this time” or “I believe in your strength to push through” is enough. We may not know a solution to the problem they are facing and that’s okay. In fact, sometimes it’s better to hold off on “fixing” and just be present. So let’s take a moment to think about what a more compassionate world would be like. Would there be less hate and more understanding? Would there be less selfishness and more giving? Would there be less sadness and more joy? Would there be less isolation and more connection to our humanity? We think there would. So, let’s be bold and reach out. Let’s be mindful and widen our view. Let’s be brave and open our hearts. This month, let’s GET COMPASSIONATE.

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