Today, more than ever, we are in deep need of connection. We are still in the throes of a pandemic that has kept us locked up and locked down for a year and a half. Social distancing has created the ideal breeding ground for technologies that were already disconnecting us to weave their way deeper into our lives. Yes, it’s often said we are connected more than ever because of our devices and apps, but connection doesn’t mean connectedness. “Friends,” “Fans,” or “Followers” are not necessarily symbiotic, life-giving relationships that create a deep and real sense of belonging or feelings of being valued…connectedness. Thankfully, we were all Zoom’ed off our feet, which allowed us to continue working and connecting “face-to-face” with friends and family; however, even Zoom can’t replace a hug from a loved one. It’s time for us to make relationships our top priority, while still being safe and following proper protocols. The research shows us that isolation has led to loneliness, fewer smiles, and a negative impact on our physical and mental health. So let’s dig out of our bubbles and mindfully do what we can to make connectedness top of our list. Being connected matters.

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