We all know that things change and that, for most part, we aren’t the biggest fans of it. But, just as things change, there is a ton that stays the same. Fortunately, for all of us, the sun rises and sets each and every day. Our bellies love that we have Taco Tuesdays every week and pumpkin spiced lattes every autumn. And we typically don’t need to glance at our calendars to know what holidays are coming every year. This dependability matters, and it shows up in several parts of our lives. Maybe you have a family member who makes your lunch every day or a friend you can always call when you’re feeling down. Maybe a sibling consistently shares a corny joke at dinner or you have a parent who always gives you a massive hug before you leave for school. This is consistency. It is why your favorite cereal always tastes the same. It is what shapes our skills, habits, and mindsets and creates beautiful masterpieces and symphonies. When it comes to our relationships, it is also the very thing that builds trust. When we show up consistently in our character it allows people to know and trust who we truly are. In a year that has seemed anything but consistent, it is time all of us to dig in and bring back a new normalcy. Enough questions and uncertainty. Let’s appreciate and create consistency in all parts of our lives… both big and small. Being consistent matters.

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