Whether you know this or not, you are an artist. Your entire life you have been creating. You have created talents, hobbies, relationships, achievements, careers, and maybe even some art. Whether it was actually building something with your hands, solving a problem with your mind, or opening up your heart, you are creative. The funny part is, however, if someone asked you if you were creative, your first reaction might be “No.” “No way could I change the brakes on my car.” “No way could I learn how to play piano.” “No way could I cook paella.” Well, this month, we are here to prove you wrong. We know how CRAFTY you are. So, in the spirit of being CRAFTY, we are going to CRAFTINGLY make every Monday this month just about that. So, get your creative, DIY, Maker juices following, because you are going to need them this month. Doing CRAFTY things allows us to express ourselves and to appreciate. It allows us to take risk and to work on our perfectionistic tendencies. And, it allows us to exercise a part of our brain that often doesn’t get enough attention. We can create gifts for someone special, explore new foods, learn new skills, and completely lose ourselves in the creative process. Which, ultimately means, we get to bring joy to someone else, develop our brains, and experience some personal growth. Let’s have fun. Being CRAFTY matters.

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