Everything starts with an idea, an inspiration, a curiosity. Oftentimes it begins with a question… How can we cross the Atlantic Ocean? Is it possible to walk on the moon? Would fish tacos taste good? What if cars could be electric? How can we share information quicker? These questions give birth to the creative process, and with a bunch of imagination, hard work, and trial and error, we eventually find our answer…at least for that moment in time. This same creative process is what drives innovation, art, sports, entertainment, relationships, and so much more. So what do you create? Sorry, saying you are not a creative person doesn’t work here. Everyone creates; therefore everyone is creative. Maybe you create smiles on other people’s faces. Maybe you design sprinkler systems and landscaping. Maybe you play a musical instrument. Or maybe you lead a volunteer team and create ways to give back to your community. In our opinion, even the way you make a peanut and butter sandwich is creative, because you are the one who makes it in your own unique way. So get ready to tap into your artisan soul this month. Get ready to let your imagination and creativity lead the way. Being creative matters.

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