Nature has been slumbering. Animals have been hibernating. Plants have been wintering. And like clockwork, they re-emerge with the warming of the days. They don’t need a calendar or a reminder alarm to tell them when to wake up and join the world again. They just do, and nature emerges with energy to take on a new season. After a long year, we tend to slow down, too. We feel depleted from time to time, and sometimes are unaware of just how much energy we have lost. But we can choose to discover and practice the ways that give us that oomph – that zip – that lift. Our world could use some pizzaz and get-up-and-go. Yet, we each have a choice. We can choose to stay in our old habits and “hibernate” or we can be inspired by nature and shake off the winter doldrums and gear up for spring. We can move our bodies and go for a hike, a skate, a bike ride, a walk, or stretch. We can activate our brains, challenge those synapses and learn something new. We can connect to our community and contribute in ways that make our surroundings more engaging and livelier. Or we can tap into the things that matter most to us and live them the best we know how. So, let’s jump start our batteries because our world needs our positivity, fresh perspective, and recharged sense of opportunities. Be bold and shake off those winter blues, join the world, and bloom. Getting energized matters.

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