Saying there is a lot going on in our world is a massive understatement. Political divides, COVID-19, social injustices, changes at work, changes in schools, changes in just about all of our personal routines have all been enough to wear us down a bit. Hopefully you are one of the lucky ones who aren’t “feeling it,” but our hunch is that you would be part of a very small group of people. In no way do we want to belittle what so many people are experiencing with our theme for this month; but this theme was decided upon in November of 2019, and we believe it just might be the doctor ordered today. In all of the heaviness, there is a good chance that we have lost a bit of our lightness. Ask yourself… Do you smile as much? Do you laugh as much? Are you having as much fun? If so, please share your secrets, for many of us could benefit. So this month, we want to inspire more fun. Yes things are different and the headlines are hard to stomach, but this doesn’t mean we don’t need joy and levity in our lives. Let’s create meaningful experiences for one another that allow us smile and play and be a kid again. Let’s create more wonder and even dork out a bit. We need it and so does our world. Being and having fun matters… even today.

Note: This video was shot and first shared in May 2018. Today, two years later it still applies.





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