Without going into any specifics, it feels fairly safe to say we have all felt the weight of the past year. And although things are looking better everyday, we are also still processing the loss, injustice, and uncertainty of it all. Toss in all of our daily responsibilities—homework, deadlines at work, errands to run, chores to finish, bills to pay, exercise to get in—and there is no wonder our joy meters might be running a little low. But we have a choice to make, and it’s not necessarily an easy one. For we still need to find happiness, enjoyment, and fun. Our souls need it. Our relationships need it. And our communities need it. Do you smile as much today as you used to? When was the last time you laughed until it hurt? In our opinion, the only downside of wearing a mask is that we can’t see everyone’s smile any more. Yet smiles and laughter heal us…and any onlooker. So let’s choose to create and find more fun. Let’s play. Let’s bring back our childlike sense of wonder and discovery to truly push outside of the boxes we have been living in. Of course, we want to be smart and safe about it, but we also want it to be fun. Are you ready to lighten the load? We hope so. Having fun matters.

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