When did everything get so serious? Seriously, it’s time for us to get more fun in our lives. Sure, we get it. We all have responsibilities—there’s homework to do, deadlines at work, errands to run, chores to finish, bills to pay, exercise to get in—but that doesn’t mean we’re not supposed to enjoy life. We’re allowed to have a little bit of fun. So, we have two options to consider, and frankly, we think they are both good ones. First, we can switch up our mindset and choose to find more fun in our responsibilities. Instead of thinking, “Ugh, I need to go to the gym,” how about looking for the good and saying, “I love going for a run because I get to be outside, see people and nature, and feel great when I’m finished”? See, exercise just got a whole lot more appealing and fun. Now, just apply the same shift to the rest of our responsibilities. The second option is about carving out space for adding new and fun experiences to your life. Yes, we are all really busy, but we still get to engage in fun. So this month, get ready to feel great, smile, laugh, dance, play games, connect with friends, and create fun in your own way. Are you already smiling just thinking about it? That’s how powerful and important having fun truly is. Fun matters.

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