Sometimes, when we think about generosity, we think about people who donate huge amounts of money or give elaborate gifts. Those are certainly amazing acts of generosity; however, this is far from the only type of it. Anyone can be generous. It doesn’t matter where you live, where you come from or how much you have—generosity knows no boundaries. A warm smile, a thoughtful note, a listening ear, or helping hands are all generous acts. Generosity is a mindset, an attitude, an intention, a value, a way of living. Generosity connects us all. When we give freely, we expect nothing in return. It is not an act of reciprocation, even though generosity promotes generosity. Try to imagine a world without generosity? A place where friends don’t share, people don’t smile, no one volunteers their time, and love and support don’t exist. Now, imagine a world where every single person’s first intention is to be generous. To help a neighbor with a project, to pick up litter in their community, to freely compliment people, and to provide a shoulder to cry on. This is the world we want to promote and, together, we can create it. Sure, some people say that generous people only give because it makes them feel good. To that we say, then let’s create the most selfishly generous world ever. We would all feel good about giving and we would all feel even better from all of the receiving. Sign us up. Being generous matters.

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