In the words of comedian Steven Wright, “The world is a small place, but I wouldn’t want to paint it.” The world feels smaller today than ever. We get global news instantly on our devices. We follow someone’s Instagram feed and feel like we are actually vacationing with them in Bali or Egypt or Italy. And, in many cases, we can simply explore our own communities and experience a microcosm of the world—unique foods, types of exercise, live music, and even spiritual connections. So, yes, the world can feel pretty small. But, the question nowadays is whether or not we are embracing this “global-ness.” Are our differences celebrated or the opposite? It’s one thing to say that we like a certain type of food from a specific country, but how we feel in our heart towards their culture or their people is a separate, and more important, question. As our world gets smaller, our hope is that we seek connection… that we become one world. Sure, variety is the spice of life; but, at the core of it all, as equal members in this global community, are we really all that different? This month, get ready to explore the world and to honor the beauty and variety it has to offer, but do so with the mindset of togetherness… because we need that now more than ever. Being a global citizen matters. A big thank you to Holly and Andy for sharing your global journey with us.  Follow them on Instagram at:  

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