It’s really difficult to wrap our heads and arms around the world… both literally and figuratively. There are times when the world seems so small, and we feel this overwhelming sense of connectedness. But then there are times when we feel like we are going backwards… like our differences are becoming more important than what we share in common and we have learned nothing from our history. And, as soon as we feel stuck in the mud, a massive earthquake hits Nepal and we rise up, together, as one world, to let one another know how much they matter. And, today, through technology, we get to view the world in real time. We are basically “live” in all corners of the world at all times. And, we have seen how this is both a great thing and just the opposite. Which again, only adds confusion to this thing that we call the world… the globe. But what if we just pull back for a second? What if we start with ourselves? For, at the end the day, the world is just a collection of over 7 billion individuals. But what if all 7 billion of those individuals started with themselves? How do I see the world? How do I view other countries? Other people? Other cultures? Or even my neighbor? This month is all about MONDAY GETTING GLOBAL from the inside out. It’s time for all of us to own our role in the world we live in today. After all, so far, it’s the only world we have.

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