Discussions about our environment are nothing new. They’ve been going on for decades and finding common ground on whether or not we humans negatively impact our environment is still a long-debated issue. But at EMM, it’s simple. Because we believe that everything we do, say, and think has an impact, a ripple effect. So guess that means we fall squarely in the “Yes” camp that says we have a direct impact on our planet’s health. After all, a cigarette butt floating in the ocean or polluted drinking water surely can’t be a good thing. But what if we all stopped trying to be on the right side of this argument and, instead, focused on our actions and pondered whether they would do good or bad? For example, what if we all picked up litter? Could picking up litter be bad? What if each of us consumed half of what we currently consume, being that we throw away millions of pounds of food each year? This surely proves that we didn’t need so much to begin with. So cutting back couldn’t be bad, right? Or why not plant a tree? Last we checked you can never have too many trees. Let’s see if we can’t focus on the “good” actions that help us and Mother Earth and stop worrying about all the rest. Getting green matters.  

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