Earth Day was first established in 1970. We think this is pretty awesome… kind of. Hear us out for a second to see what we mean. If Earth Day was establish 46 years ago, that means there have been 46 days, since 1970, that we have come together to say that our Earth matters. Well, since 1970, there have actually been 16,790 days. So, if we subtract the 46 Earth Days, that means we are left with 16,744 of “Non-Earth Days.” Yes, we know this is playing with the numbers a little unfairly, but wouldn’t it be better if, since 1970, we had 16,744 Earth Days, and 46 days “Non-Earth Days?” See, we think that every day should be Earth Day, so we are making this entire month about loving our planet. That’s right, let’s GET GREEN for the entire month. This year, April 22 is just going to be one of our 30 Earth Days, because we are going “next level.” We are going to walk more, simplify, cut back, and be the biggest advocates for our environment. We are going to bring as much passion and energy to this as we have brought to anything else in our life. Our planet needs us to stand up for it. If doing it for ourselves is not enough motivation, let’s do it for the generations to come. Being green matters.

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