Life can be both challenging and amazing, and it can change on a dime. One moment you can be doing something that makes your heart sing and brings you immense joy, then you hear or see something that breaks your heart and your personal level of happiness bottoms out. Sadly, there have been several tragic stories in the news lately that might have had this very effect on you. Please remember, it’s ok to be sad. It’s ok to feel bad and have a bad day. That is normal. But our hope with this month’s theme is that all of us can live a life that trends more towards happiness. Happiness heals. Happiness is contagious. And happiness is a choice. Even in the worst of times, we can still find and choose it… if we want to. There are always things to be happy about, even if they seem tiny at times. There is always a beautiful bird or butterfly flying in the sky. There is always someone helping someone out with something. There is always a wedding celebration, a baby’s first steps, and that phone call from an old friend. There is always hope, creativity, music, inspiration, imagination, and the knowing that tomorrow is always a new day. Most of us would rather be happy than sad, much like most of us would rather experience pleasure over pain. So this month, let’s do all we can to spread joy, positivity, and happiness. We all need it… and so does our world. Happiness matters.

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