One of Merriam-Webster’s definitions for the word “intention” is “a determination to act in a certain way.” There is a high-level of strength and power to that definition. If we give the word “intention” more thought, other words start to pop up like goal, purpose, aim, objective, ambition, and plan. When we are intentional, we make a commitment. When we are intentional, we get clear on the outcome we would like to make happen. Now, some might argue that not everyone has good intentions or that intentions mean nothing without action or follow-through. Both of those statements may be true; however, when we are mindful and thoughtful about what we want to create, how we want to contribute, and the impact we want to have, we can choose to focus on what matters most. So, what do you intend to create in your life? What legacy do you want to lead and leave? Start with today. What intentional actions will you do to make it an amazing day for yourself and others? Then set an intention for tomorrow and the next. All we ask and hope for is that your intentions contribute to creating a place where everyone can embrace how much and why they matter. This is why Monday Gets Intentional.

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