The year 2020 has been as challenging and conflicting as any year in our recent past. From political divides to racial injustices to lives lost to the pandemic to economic challenges to school and business closures to isolation to so many other developments, there is no doubt that 2020 has packed quite a punch during its 12-month journey. So, here we are in December, possibly exhausted from what we have experienced, combined with a bit of uncertainty in regards to the future. But we want to try to wrap up this year on a different note, if that works for you. Of course, we don’t want to ignore or belittle the true impact that this year might have had on our lives. However, with all that has felt so out of our control, we want to focus on something we can control… our attitude. Like a flower that grows through the crack in the sidewalk, might we also be able to push through the heavy and the dark in order to find our joy and to be a bright light for the world? Can we share our smile more readily? Can we laugh a little more than we have previously this year? Can we lean into our relationships more and be even more generous with what we have to offer? We think we can. Together, we can finish this year on an upbeat, full of happiness and joy. Being joyous matters.

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