Let us set the record straight… There is nothing random about kindness. Kindness is intentional and it is inspired by a thought, then a choice, and then an act. In the split second when someone decides to open a door for someone else, they are choosing kindness. The moment someone picks up their phone to call a friend, who is going through a rough time, they are choosing kindness. The time that a group of students or employees volunteers at a local agency to give back to their community, they are choosing kindness. So let’s reframe how we talk about kindness. Instead of calling it random, how about we use words like beautiful, inspiring, awesome, and the only way to be? Doesn’t that feel better? Because kindness changes everything. It creates fulfillment and purpose. It creates connection and community, and it can even be the catalyst to create more kindness. Yes, ripple effects are real… and kind ones are the best. So, as we wrap up 2020, let’s put a beautiful kind bow on what has been a pretty challenging year. Let’s all wake up every morning with the intention of spreading as much kindness as we can. Just think about how amazing that will be. Being kind matters.

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