When we were collecting words to create the 2020 EMM Calendar, we kept receiving the words “love” and “kindness” more than any other word. This can be taken one of two ways, because the question we asked to collect our words was, “What is one word that you think we need more of in our schools, companies, families, communities, and the world?” So, when “love” became one of the top responses, it made us wonder… Are people saying that we need more love because there can never be too much of it; or is it because they truly feel like we have lost our loving ways? Well, whether we want more of it or need more of it, the message was clear—so let’s dedicate an entire month to be more loving. Love is the most powerful force in the world. Nothing can make us feel happier and more hopeful, yet nothing can bring us to our knees so harshly at the same time. That’s the risk, but it’s worth it. For a life or a world without love is also a life or a world without empathy, compassion, gratitude, thankfulness, kindness, and care. Which means it is also a life and a world without community and relationships… which is not how we are supposed to live. So let’s all chip in this month to let love shine. After all, if we want to create more love in our world, then we all need to be more loving… to ourselves, to other people, and to our community. Being loving matters.      

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