It’s the start of a new year. Can you feel it? Are you full of hope or full of doubt? Energized or reluctant? Optimistic, pessimistic or somewhere in between? Wherever you are and whatever you’re feeling, we’re going to launch into this year with a ton of optimism. Being OPTIMISTIC is an attitude…an outlook…a mindset…a way of life. Having optimistic tendencies doesn’t mean that you only see rainbows and unicorns. It doesn’t mean that a negative situation is always spun into a positive one or that challenges and potentially difficult moments are avoided or ignored. Being optimistic is just an approach. It is how we view challenges as opportunities and failures as learning experiences. Optimism is an understanding that life is not as easy as we would like it to be, but that we can do things to create a meaningful and purposeful one. It inspires innovation, ingenuity, and creativity, and helps you be a healthier, more resilient you. Just as a reminder, pessimism is a tendency to see the worst, to be hyper-focused on the problems, quick to point out faults, and a belief that the future is dreary. Enough of that already. We are starting the year off with a lot more positivity, inspiration, and hope. Being optimistic matters.

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