There is information we learn in life, but never really planned on learning it. For example, how to heal a broken leg, how to unclog rain gutters, and how to fix a broken zipper are all tidbits of information we are probably glad we eventually learned, but weren’t high on our list to begin with. Thank goodness for the Internet in these moments. However, like information, there are also certain mental and behavioral abilities we hope to never have to acquire, but life had a different plan. This month is all about one of those circumstances, for the only reason we need to learn how to be resilient is the fact that life throws us curve balls, speed bumps, and other unplanned situations that disrupt the current state of things. This is exactly why we need resilience, for it is our mental and emotional ability to cope with a crisis, recover quickly from difficulties, or return to “pre-crisis” status. Much like a rubber band can be stretched and then return back to its normal shape and composition, we can too when it comes to our emotions. The only difference is that we can’t go to the Internet to find a quick “how to” tip. Resilience takes practice, time, and persistence. It is a journey we all get to take and a skill we all need to learn. So let’s put in some work. Being resilient matters.

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