We have spent the past twelve months digging deeper into themes to help us all survive and thrive, as best we can, through what has been one heck of a year. Potentially lost, however, in the process is something else we all need to keep on our collective radar. It’s the place we call home… Earth. Our planet is still taking a pounding by the choices we make. Our glaciers are melting. Our oceans are rising. Our climate is changing. There are more devastating natural events like wildfires, floods, heat waves, freezes, and droughts. There are more humans on our Earth than ever. Collectively we are making a dramatic impact on our planet and its resources. Facts are stated. Facts are disproved. However, one thing we do know is that something is happening to the planet we live on. If we need a healthy environment in order to survive, should we not take care of it? We can make a collective difference to help ensure our planet lasts a bit longer. We can make a commitment to creating and sustaining a world in which the next generation can live and enjoy… just as we have enjoyed. Our climate is a human issue, not a scientific one. We need to make better choices and take responsibility for the results we are creating. For we are the ones doing the damage. Let’s become caretakers of our planet, instead of just living on and off of it. Sustainability matters.


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