Togetherness…like when you find a pair of matching socks when folding the laundry or that final piece to the 1000 piece puzzle. Togetherness…like when the family sits down at the table to share a meal and every seat is filled or hanging out with friends doing what you love to do most. Togetherness is that gratifying feeling or contentment when everything is in its place. We crave it. We need it. For the past two years, we had to change the way we came together because “in-person” wasn’t an option. At first it wasn’t easy, but we figured it out. Today, we feel more free to re-connect like we used and are slowly re-entering community and connection. And, although this may take time for all of us to feel comfortable taking off our masks and hugging and being in crowded spaces, we will slowly begin to remember how special it is to “really” be together. Because being together creates comfort and security, it fosters friendships and relationships, and it builds a space of synchronicity even when there appears to be division and disjointedness. Togetherness provides support and encouragement, promotes learning and widens our perspectives, and inspires and motivates. And when, together, we focus on what really matters most, we can create a world filled with acceptance, kindness, belonging, love, and contribution. So, this month, let’s come together again. Being together matters.


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