When an artist signs a piece of art and puts a number like 1/1 or 1/1,000 on it, the lower the denominator, the more valuable the piece of art is perceived to be. In other words, 1/1 is better than 1/100,000. When it comes to humans, we only have one number we can use because each and every person is 1/1. Yes, you are a magical piece of art and you are the only version of it. Let’s just think about that for a moment because it is pretty profound. Of the nearly 8 billion people in our world, there is only one of you. Meaning none of the other 7,999,999,999 people in the world is just like you. That is incredible and absolutely makes you pretty special; but have you ever really owned this about yourself? Better yet, have you ever stopped to think about what makes you so unique? What makes you, you? Maybe there are specific things, like the way you laugh, the freckle on your nose, or your cooking skills. Maybe these are things you really like about yourself or things you don’t enjoy so much. Or maybe it is just the combination of everything that creates the essence of who you are that makes you the awesome person you are today. Kind of like a painting is just a combination of countless brush strokes. Well, this month is going to be all about celebrating being unique. Because being unique matters.

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