Has anyone ever told you that you have a bad attitude? Maybe not as a statement of your overall being, but possibly directed toward a specific belief, opinion, or feeling about something? Better yet, have you ever been told to lower your expectations in order to be pleasantly surprised by something instead of being let down or frustrated by it? Our attitude plays a big part in our ability to be resilient, so this week, we want to ADAPT THE ATTITUDE. Yes, having a bad attitude toward something or expecting the worst might protect us from ever needing to be resilient because we are always prepared for the worst; but this is not how we were meant to live our lives. If we always focus on hate, we will never experience love. If we always expect sadness, we can never enjoy happiness. If we only see dark, we will never appreciate the light. However, when we live from a place of love, happiness, light, wonder, possibility, joy, hope, and optimism, we also have to remember that life will present moments that challenge all of those uplifting emotions. These are the moments when our ability to be resilient matters the most. So let’s have an attitude of gratitude and everything else that is positive, and work on getting back to that state as quickly as possible when we are kicked out of it. Adapting the attitude matters.


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