You may have never thought about this before, but you have an instant impact on any situation or circumstance that involves other people. If there are fewer people, you have a larger impact, like in line at the grocery store, in an elevator, or in a meeting. If it is a larger group of people, maybe your impact is a bit smaller, like in a restaurant or at a concert. But either way, your presence alone instantly changes the dynamic. Why? Because you are there. The question then is a matter of what you are choosing to bring to any of these situations. Well, in the spirit of this month being about happiness, we hope it is something uplifting, inspiring, and positive. So, this week, we want you to ADD COLOR. There is a reason we don’t have black and white screens any more… because color is more engaging. It adds dimension and personality, and it even affects our mood. Yes, when painting your next wall, choose your color wisely. So, what color do people get from you? In other words, what impact do you have on others? Our world needs all the color you have to offer it. Yes, HD color that lifts people up and spreads joy and hope and happiness. So bring it. Share it. Adding color matters.

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