Every circumstance, every moment, presents us with an opportunity and a choice. We get to decide, either as a universal stance or an in-the-moment decision, whether we want to be a taker, a giver, or remain neutral. Realizing this takes a certain level of awareness, for we must first embrace the fact that our presence matters and that there is a cause and effect to our choices. Yes, you are a powerful being. In this light, we love the word contribution. We also love the idea of a world focused on contributing to one another and the greater good. So, this week, we encourage you to ADD VALUE. Adding value requires us to ask great questions and be better listeners. If we are talking to someone about a certain topic that is important to them or we keep commenting back with random ideas about a different topic, then we are not adding value. Adding value also requires us to know what is needed in the first place, because every circumstance has a unique set of things that can be valued. In other words, a funeral has different needs than a pool party. So how do you like to add value? What is your special gift and how do you share it with the world around you to bring more joy, love, kindness, compassion, and goodness? Yes, you add value in your own unique way, and we hope you choose to add it everywhere. Adding value matters.

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