In his book, The Artisan Soul, Erwin McManus so perfectly wrote, “We were created as works of art to be artists at work.” Now, many of us might read this and completely disagree, thinking, “I could not be any worse of an artist.” We get it. But if this was your first thought, we lovingly disagree with you. Don’t believe us? Give us the week and we’ll see what happens. This week, let’s APPRECIATE ART—and our ability to be artists ourselves. As children, we constantly created—we built things, drew pictures, painted, learned cursive, and imagined everything. Maybe you remember taking off in your imaginary spaceship or fighting those dangerous dragons. However, as adults, we “grew up” and stopped finding joy and belief in our creativity, often times because we became too self-aware. But we can’t and shouldn’t remove art and creativity from our lives. Art allows us to express ourselves, to learn about culture and history, to use both sides of our brain, to connect, to escape. So go create something this week. And, if you’re not there yet, then go appreciate some art. Find a concert in the park, a local museum, or a play to enjoy and challenge your artistic self. You’ll be glad you did. Appreciating art matters.

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