Art is an intrinsic part of every culture. And it is through art that we can learn about cultures of today and tomorrow. The beauty, the stories, the realities of times long gone can all be expressed and told through art. But how much time do we spend connecting to art and all its splendor? How often do we see and embrace the art that surrounds us each and every day? Well, it’s time that we all appreciate it. This week, we want you to APPROACH ART in all its forms and to create it whenever you can. Art is all around us—whether it’s live art, museums, street art, or beautiful architecture. Even the art of problem solving, modern medicine, and our exploration of outer space are all art forms. And bringing it closer to home, even you are an artist whether you have fully owned that or not, because all of us are creative in our own ways, and all of us deserve to be creative. So go appreciate that there is an art to everything, whether it’s plumbing, creating a photograph, or writing a novel. Discover that behind every piece of art, there is a person or a team of people who are both a part of the culture and actively contributing to it. Create an appreciation and find a way to value the work that others and you do, because art is in all of it. Make art a part of your life. Approaching art matters.

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