We have our good friend Socrates to share for something. It’s the question, “Why?” We call it the “Socratic Method,” which has been the foundation for all logic and philosophy in the western world for the last 2,500 years. Well, we thought it’s time to introduce Socrates to our new friend. Her name is, “Hope,” and she has a new question to ask. No, she is not saying that Socrates was wrong, she just has a new 2017-version for his question. This week, Hope wants us to ASK, “WHY NOT?” Just imagine what it would look like if more people asked the question, “Why Not?” Isn’t there something about “Why Not?” that says, “Watch me” or “Don’t limit me” or “It’s possible.” We think so, and, frankly, we kind of like it… Why not take better care of our health? Why not show one another more love and kindness? Why not shoot for the stars? See, answering “Why not?” is actually harder to answer than “Why?” Don’t believe us? Ask someone one of those three questions and see if they can give you a good reason “not to” do what you are asking. And, don’t feel like you need to stop with those questions. How many “Why Not?” questions can you come up with? Asking “Why not?” matters.

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