‘Tis the season of bright lights. Lights on houses. Lights on trees. Candles flickering and fires burning in fireplaces. Yard art and decorations in every neighborhood. It’s festive all right. And, despite the usual holiday stress, all of these lights, somehow, do their magic to lift our spirits. Glowing, warm, sparkly lights have a way of doing that. However, while the candles, firewood and string of lights are doing their job to bring joy, how are we doing at lighting things up? Are we bringing inspiration and glee and lifting people’s spirits? Well, this week, we’re going to, for sure. We want you to BE A BRIGHT LIGHT. Have you ever been referred to as or referred to someone else as a “bright light”? You know, that person that just lights up a room? Think for a minute. What does a person who lights up a room really do? It is what they say? How they act? What they wear? Well, wherever you think that special spark comes from, we think we should bottle it and sell it. It just might be the hottest gift of the year. Let’s all make this world just that much brighter. Let’s be a guiding light of joy and good tidings. Being a bright light matters.

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