Compliments are a tricky thing. We know that saying nice things to someone is a good thing, but that doesn’t mean we do it very often or well. Why? Well, think about this… How does it make you feel when someone gives you a compliment? Do you just say, “Thank you” or does it make you feel uncomfortable? Do you immediately reply back with a compliment or try to downplay their compliment? We have a hunch as to what answers are coming up for you. And, since compliments are often challenging for us to accept, it might be keeping us from sharing them in order to not “inflict” something uncomfortable on someone else. To this, we say, “Rubbish, not buying it.” This week, we want you to BE A FLATTERER. We often hear that people want to make a difference but they don’t know how to get involved or where to start. We get it… it can feel a bit overwhelming. So maybe this week can be that place to start. Just start lifting people up, complimenting people, and sharing kind words and see what happens. Make them genuine and heartfelt and trust the rest will take care of itself. Then imagine 7.4 billion people doing the same thing and watch the world change. Being a flatterer matters.

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