THIS WEEK: Be a Global Citizen

We have all heard the term “Global Citizen,” but how much have we really wrestled with it and personalized it for ourselves? Do we even know what it means… truly? More importantly, can we look in the mirror and say the words, “I am a Global Citizen”? Our hope is that you can, so this week, we want you to BE A GLOBAL CITIZEN. But being a Global Citizen is no small task. It requires a ton of re-wiring of so much of our identity. For so long, history and our view of the world have been defined by our differences. On the grand stage, these differences have led to war, inequality of rights, ethnic cleansing, terrorism, and more. But, even on a personal level, they have led to the view of “them” and “us” or “me” and “him.” In other words, we are separate. We are not connected. We are not one. And, this leads to treating one another and the environment in a way that can be destructive, hurtful, and further divides. But, what if all that went away? What if our identity was “an equal part of a global community” and it transcends geography, politics, race, and everything else that keeps us apart? We think a “we” thing would be pretty cool. Being a Global Citizen matters.

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