Life is not a zero-sum game. Meaning for every winner, there doesn’t need to be a loser. This binary way of thinking is anchored in scarcity… that there isn’t enough to go around for everyone. Maybe this is what inspires the “we all need to get ours” mentality. It’s the stuff that feeds the ego and greed and makes people want to be better than someone instead of seeing life as a “we” thing. Now, when it comes to the final score of a sporting event, where one team has the winning score, sure there is a winner and a loser. But even in those cases, one could argue that no one truly lost because so much was gained. Regardless, this week, we want you to BE A GOOD LOSER. Let us be clear… there is nothing worse than a poor winner. We would take a poor loser over a poor winner any day of the week. But not getting first place, if you will, often presents the greatest opportunity for growth. Setbacks or challenges in life have a way of doing this for us, if we are able to move to a place of acceptance, reflection, and growth-mindset. So let’s find the good in everything. Let’s celebrate the fact that we put in our best effort, even if we fell a little short of our goal. Let’s embrace the lessons learned, examine where we need to work a little harder or smarter, then get back at it. Being a good loser matters.

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