Remember being new to a school, job, or even when traveling to a new city, state, or country? On the surface it seems exciting, fresh, and full of wonder, but deep inside it can be quite the opposite. In fact, it can be downright uncomfortable, as it’s easy to feel isolated, alone, and even a bit lost. It’s also easy to get a similar response when trying to learn something new, like a hobby, habit, or new subject matter. Why? Maybe it’s because we also don’t like performing poorly. After all, who likes to fail? Well, this week, we want things to be different and to celebrate you for being new at something. We give you full permission to BE A NEWBIE. Being new at something can be healthy, exciting, and full of possibility. It challenges us to step out of our routine and comfort zone to expand and grow. Let’s all approach life with more of a fun-loving mentality, instead of judging ourselves for what we don’t know or are not “as good” as others at… of course, since we are new. This week, commit to making mistakes and embracing them, for they are part of your learning curve to greatness. Go see what new things you can bring into your life. Being a newbie matters.

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