Being new at something is an interesting thing. Children are amazing at it, because, for the most part, they are experiencing something new every single day. Think about it… their first step, their first Brussels sprout, their first day of school, etc. For children, life is just one big exploration of the unknown. Adults, on the other hand, have a little bit of a tougher time finding “new.” They’ve been there, done that. And, it kind of makes sense, since adults have been alive longer, so they’ve already discovered and tried everything. But, we aren’t ready to buy that argument so quickly. No way. Because we think that everyone can be new at something. So, this week, we want you to BE A NEWBIE. Excited? We hope so, because tying new things is fun. Scared? We hope not, but just remember that it is ok to not be good at something… another tough concept for us to wrestle with. Just pick something and go for it. No judgment. No fear. Just fun. Embrace your inner-adventurer – the options are endless. Being a newbie matters.

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