We have all had moments in life where things haven’t gone the way we planned. We’ve bumped a parked car, we gained a few pounds, we were late for a meeting or dinner with friends, we missed someone’s birthday, we found ourselves in financial struggles, we got a diagnosis we didn’t want, or we didn’t get the promotion we hoped for. We are human, and these moments are simply a part of life. The question is how we handle them. Do we point the finger, blame someone or something else, play the victim? Or do we take responsibility, look for a solution, and move forward? Well, this week, it’s time for the latter. We want you to BE A PROBLEM SOLVER. When we commit to being a problem-solver, we’re taking responsibility and committing to seeing ourselves through even the toughest of times. When things get rough, commit to focusing on the possibilities, not the negativity and the “problems” in front of you. There is always a way around, over, or through—we just have to discover it. This week, we’ll discover different ways to solve problems, including one of the best ways of all—asking for help. We believe that you can be a world-class problem-solver. A lot of it starts with believing in yourself and knowing there is always a solution. Being a problem-solver matters.

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