This might be really difficult to comprehend, but you are a role model. Yes, you… the person reading this. Whether you know it or not, you are actually a role model to thousands of people. Maybe even more, depending on how often you get out in the world. How do you drive? How do you engage your bank teller? How do you talk to your husband or wife in a restaurant? What do you post on social media? How do you engage with homeless people on the street? You see, it’s really difficult to find anything that we do outside of our home that is not seen by at least one other person. In other words, someone is always watching you; which is why, this week, we want you to BE A ROLE MODEL. If your hope is that people would be more kind, then be more kind. Not only will someone get to experience your kindness, but the ten other people watching get to feel it too. And, just exchange the word “kind” with any other word and watch the same dynamic unfold. It is really that simple. You are a ripple effect machine. People are constantly watching, learning, taking notes. So, be all about the good stuff. Be aware. Being a role model matters.

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