Art is absolutely one of the universe’s greatest gifts. There are the obvious types of art, like painting, dance, music, photography, graffiti, film, sculpture, and others. Then there are the less obvious, but equally as awe-inspiring examples, like brain surgery, the engineering of the Mars Rover, or the building of a skyscraper. And, if that doesn’t cover enough, there’s the beautiful sunset, the wings of a butterfly, or an orchid flower. See art is everywhere and art is amazing. And, frankly, a world without it is pretty darn depressing. So, this week, we want to bring even more artistic expression to life, we want you to BE AN ARTIST. Okay, we can hear it already… “But I’m not an artist.” “I can’t.” “But what if it’s ugly?” To this we say, “Stop.” “Enough.” We promise that you are an artist. Everyone is an artist. It’s just a matter of connecting that meaning to something you love doing. Are you a good cook? Then, you’re an artist. Are you a good friend? Then, you’re an artist. Are you a good painter? Don’t know? Then maybe you should try it for the first time. This is also the fun of art. It is just there for the making. It is simply up to us to express ourselves and create it. Oh, and to do it without judgment. Being a perfectionist doesn’t matter. Being an artist does.

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