It’s easy to live inauthentically—to hide our true self and to live something or someone we are not. Maybe we have been hurt in the past, which caused us to build protective walls around us. Maybe we have emulated someone and tried to be more like him or her, even though we were never meant to be “them.” Or, maybe we felt outside pressures that made us feel like we needed to be someone different from whom we truly are. When any or all of these happen, we can lose sight of ourselves, which splits us from our very essence and uniqueness. So, this week, and in every moment, we want you to BE AUTHENTIC. It’s important to be honest about who we are—to ourselves and to other people. Because when we’re not, not only is it exhausting, but it also keeps us from developing honest and genuine relationships. It’s time to share your authentic self with the world. Don’t worry about being judged. Don’t try to use a filter, even on your social media posts. Just have the courage to be unapologetically you and let people honor that. At the same time, let’s make sure our actions and values are honorable to begin with. Being honorably authentic matters.

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