Raise your hand if you consider yourself a disconnected zombie. No? Well, think again. We get 168 hours per week. Work or school takes up at least 40 of those hours. Sleeping, another 49 of them. Add 3 hours a day for eating, bathing, dressing, chores, and there goes another 21. That leaves… drumroll please, 58 hours per week to do anything else we want or need to. So, what do you do with those 58 hours? Well, if you are like the average person, you spend 50 of those hours looking at media for entertainment value. Not spending quality time with friends or family, volunteering, or going out into the world and interacting with others. Yep. Our “free” time is spent alone with our screens. But in the spirit of being civil, we would like all of us to BE AWARE and tune in to something very different. Being civil requires us to be with one another. To look people in the eye and actually share niceties. We don’t physically live on 7.3 billion individual islands, so let’s stop acting like we do. Being civil means we “get it” that we are a part of something bigger and engage in a way that shows it. Civilization is just one big organism made up of people… us. So let’s snap out of our zombie-states. Being aware matters.

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