The words “civil” and “civic” both come from the Latin word, “civis,” which means “citizen.” “Civil” relates to the concerns of ordinary people, or citizens, and helps to establish a guide or model for our behaviors towards one another. “Civics” relates to how ordinary people, or citizens, come together and take responsibility for certain duties and activities to create structure and administration that allows civility and civilization to flourish. Quite the tongue twister, we know… but super important for all of us to embrace. Yes, we want you to always be civil towards one another, but this week, we also want you to be CIVIC-MINDED. Each of us has been granted the responsibility to care for our community and our world. We are not here for the purpose of only taking, rather we are asked to give as well. We should all be motivated to keep humanity and the public good as healthy as possible in every way possible. For some of us, this might mean running for office, either locally or federally. For some of us, this might mean volunteering or joining the board of a local or national non-profit organization. For some of us, this might mean voting, both locally and federally, because every vote absolutely counts. And, for all of us, this should mean wearing a mask, seeing people as equals, and seeing the “we” as bigger than the “me.” Being civic-minded matters.

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