The origin of the word “civil” is the Latin word “civis,” meaning “citizen.” In other words, it is rooted in the idea that people, community, civility, and civilization matter. On the surface, this is a beautiful concept—the idea that we are all concerned with how others feel and that we see ourselves as part of a larger fabric of humanity. However, this doesn’t mean it is easy, as we are human beings. We are complicated and don’t always agree. There are issues that are polarizing. Toss in politics and religion and the heat gets turned up even higher. But, this week, we want you to place some heavy intention on BEING CIVIL-MINDED. Again, there are a lot of people in our world and no two of them are the same. But what would the world look like if, instead of focusing on what we wish others were like, we simply embraced others for who they are? What if, even when disagreeing, we choose to be respectful, kind, and courteous? We are asking that you get motivated by the good of humanity and start acting in a way that makes the world better. Think about how you want the world to be and consciously and intentionally build it. Act on the goodness in you and invest in the goodness of others. This week, try being civil—whenever you can, to whomever you can. Being civil-minded matters.

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