As humans, we tend to operate best when things are clearly spelled out, black and white, easily understood. That’s why we have rules, laws, and even wear glasses or contact lenses. Blurry or gray is typically not our ideal. It adds confusion, leaves too much room for multiple interpretations, lacks clear expectations, doesn’t give a direction or obvious vision, and it certainly doesn’t help us commit to anything… well, except for uncertainty. So, in the spirit of being committed, this week we want you to BE CRYSTAL CLEAR. Being clear helps us in all aspects of our lives. When we’re clear about our intentions, it’s easier to follow through on them. When we’re clear about who we are and what we want out of life, we can feel more confident and find our way a little easier. When we allow ourselves to speak the truth, even when it’s tough, we’re practicing courage and putting a priority on clarity and our relationships. This week, examine your life and discover where you are thinking clearly and where you are a little unsure, confused, or vague. It’s the perfect time to do some self-assessing—to part the clouds and see more clearly. Not only will it affect your life, it will also affect the lives of people around you. Being crystal clear matters.


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