Ever been at a traffic light when you saw the person in the car next to you rocking out and singing at the top of their lungs? Ever seen newlyweds dancing their first dance or kids playing in the pool? And, did you notice how big of a smile you had on your face while checking them out? There’s just something about watching people letting go and being absolutely consumed by what they are doing that brings an instant sense of joy to all of us. They don’t care what others are thinking. They don’t care what they look like. The truth is, no one else even exists in those moments. It is what’s in front of them and that’s it. They’re in the freedom zone. And, we think the reason we all smile when we see this is because maybe we wish we had a little bit more of that in our own lives. So, this week, we want you to BE FREE. It’s time to get out of our own way… get out of our heads. Be silly. Be a kid again. Jump in rain puddles, sing in the mirror, do cartwheels across your lawn. We don’t care what it is. We just care that you do it… and have an absolute blast. Consider yourself the King or Queen of Joy, and the Court Jester too. Express yourself like only you can. Laugh. Inspire others to join in. Our world needs more of all of this, so let’s create it. Being free matters.

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