Think for a minute. Think about something that literally took your breath away. Maybe it was holding your newborn for the first time. Maybe it was lifting your first trophy at a basketball tournament or making the winning shot. Or, maybe it was getting your license and driving by yourself for the first time. When moments like this happen, life is good. We feel joy. We smile on the inside and out, and we experience a sense of warmth and wonder. We think this is awesome, literally. So this week, we want you to BE IN AWE. Sure, there are some big and awesome moments in life, but what about all of the moments in between? When you think about it, we’re surrounded by awe-inspiring moments each and every day. What about when your friend gives you the perfect hug at the perfect time? What about when the spring wild flowers are firing at full force? Or, what about the feeling you get that comes with a genuine and heartfelt “Thank you”? We are surrounded by awesome. We just need to do a better job of seeing and feeling it. For every single time our heart beats and our lungs fill with air, we are given something to feel awe over. So stop and be sure to take it all in. Being awestruck matters.

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