It’s easy to be a tourist—someone who visits a culture or country and gets a bird’s eye view of what’s going on. It’s like window shopping in other people’s cultures. But when you do that, you don’t get to know the people who live in those cultures and who have years of history within them. This week, we want you to go beyond the window and BE MORE THAN A TOURIST. Of course this applies to traveling to other countries, but it also applies to your own community. Take this opportunity to actually explore and get to know the people and the culture—or cultures—around you. Get to know the city you live in—all parts of it—and the people who live there. This might involve exploring new parts of your community, trying new restaurants, enjoying the farmers market, or attending a cultural event. Or it might just mean engaging more in your current routine by asking questions and being curious in a respectful and inclusive way. Start seeing other people as real people who live real lives and have beautiful stories to share. Start asking how you can investigate things instead of thinking that a place is weird or strange or different. This week, go further than you have before. Being more than a tourist matters.

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